Dress Me Today helped me to focus on my task of preparing, in a number of ways, for my interview. Having 1-2-1 consultations with Stephanie, that she kindly travelled to me to deliver, enabled us to talk through particular elements of possible outfits we thought were most appropriate for my interview and that I could try to make me look and feel my best. Another area that we were also able to discuss, alongside co-ordinating items for my outfit, was what makes for a good interviewee technique. That is, in terms of methods of answering questions, which resulted in making me feel that I was on the right lines and increasing my confidence; a boost that I really needed!

In particular, going through the practicalities of my interview technique by anticipating the questions, the very day before mine was to take place, gave me that final push to be in the best frame of mind with which to approach my panel interview, that I was a little anxious about facing. That is, the best way being to do so was with the utmost of positivity; that I felt really did make all the difference to the outcome for me: which needless to say was that, in the interviewer's contact email received within three hours after the start of my interview, it was a case from the employer's point of view of the fact that: 'you shone through today and are exactly the person we are looking for'. And you can't get a more fantastic email response to your interview from your interviewer and new employer than one that starts with such a phrase!!           Sandra, Croydon